KZQ-III Dynamometer Controller
It is matched with the dynamometer to display the rotating cabinet, speed and output power, and send the test data to the computer.
Product description
  • The dynamometer controller can be used in conjunction with the dynamometer to measure the speed, torque, output power and other parameters of the motor. It can be connected with a digital power meter to measure the efficiency of the motor. It can be connected with an industrial computer to use a human-computer interaction system. , You can test the characteristic curve of the motor.
  • Advanced hardware design: integrated advanced and efficient STM32F4 chip, working frequency up to 168MHz, DSP instructions with floating-point operation greatly strengthen the computing power; advanced pulse detection circuit can be connected with most of the torque and speed sensors on the market.
  • Strong anti-interference ability: Priority is given to the electromagnetic compatibility of the controller in the design, and the MCU is divided into modules to effectively isolate signals with and without noise; 4-layer high-density printed circuit board, complete ground Plane division and reasonable layout and wiring greatly reduce external interference.
  • Equipped with 2 serial RS232, 1 485 bus interface, 1 USB interface, 1 CAN interface, 1 Ethernet, which can be connected with computers, digital power meters or other devices with 485 bus.
  • Integrate advanced intelligent PID control algorithm, automatically control the size of the excitation current, and keep the torque and speed stable. To
  • Integrate advanced and intelligent dynamometer quick test algorithm, which can quickly and dynamically test the characteristic curve of the motor.
  • According to the torque range of the dynamometer, you can set the corresponding range to match it.
  • The excitation current can be adjusted manually to adjust the load of the dynamometer, or the load of the dynamometer can be automatically adjusted through the computer.
  • Easy to use, simple to operate, and fast to test.
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