MTS-V Motor and drive test system

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MTS-V Motor and drive test system

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Dynamometer (hysteresis, magnetic powder, eddy current, electric power)
KZQ-III Dynamometer Controller.
DPM3001 three-channel digital power meter/DPM1001 single-channel digital power meter (used to test the drive input)
DPM3001 three-channel digital power meter (used to test the drive to the motor end)
Note: DKZQ-II dynamometer dynamic controller must be equipped to measure the non-stable area of asynchronous motor
Measurable parameters
Driver input voltage, current, power
Driver output voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency
Motor output torque, speed, power
Drive efficiency, motor efficiency, total motor efficiency
With manual, fixed-point, and automatic test methods, the load can be automatically loaded according to the setting, and the characteristic curve of the motor from no load to blocked (or set value) can be scanned;
Test result: The motor test data is displayed or printed in the form of report or curve, and can be saved and viewed; when the curve is displayed, the curve coordinate parameters and the selection of abscissa and ordinate can be modified;
Curve comparison: The test curves of multiple motors can be compared in the same interface. The coordinate value of the curve, the ordinate and the abscissa of the curve can be modified, the color of the test curve of each motor can be modified, and the comparison curve can be printed;
The system can carry out the durability test with load, and automatically alarm and stop the test when the motor is abnormal. The specific parameters can be set arbitrarily.
It can quickly test the whole process of the motor from no-load to locked-rotor, quickly and accurately test the characteristic curve of the motor, the whole test time is 5-20 seconds, and up to 50 sets of data per second.
The software has a friendly interface, easy to use, and good repeatability of test data in various test methods.
Automobile drive motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, variable frequency motors, brushless motors
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