MTS-IV-18488 Automobile drive motor and controller test system

Testing System

MTS-IV-18488 Automobile drive motor and controller test system

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Electric dynamometer
Frequency conversion control system
Drive motor and controller test system
DC power supply
Measurable parameters
Driver input voltage, current, power
Driver output voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency
Motor output torque, speed, power
Drive efficiency, motor efficiency, total motor efficiency
All data and charts are displayed on the computer, and all operations can be completed on the computer
The system has a MAP map automatic test function: the test can be completed by one key of the software, and the test curve, report, efficiency MAP map and efficiency interval distribution map can be automatically generated;
The system has a manual test mode: that is, the load is manually adjusted, and the data is manually recorded or collected;
The system has an automatic test method: the load is automatically loaded according to the setting, the characteristic curve of the motor from no load to the locked rotor (or set value) is scanned, and the efficiency platform and characteristic points are automatically calculated;
Test basis standard
"GB/T 1032-2012 Three-phase asynchronous motor test method"
"GB/T 18488-2015 Drive Motor System for Electric Vehicles"
Test accuracy
Accuracy: 0.2%
Main test items
Temperature rise test
Voltage fluctuation test
Motor torque-speed characteristics
Peak torque/peak power test
Efficiency measurement (measured by efficiency map)
Overload capacity test of motor and its controller
Locked-rotor torque and locked-rotor current test
Regenerative energy feedback characteristic test
Maximum working speed and overspeed test
Durability test
Protection function test of motor controller
Motor external characteristic test
No-load test
Controller and motor response time test
New energy vehicle drive motor and controller test
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