MTS-III Motor Testing System

Testing System

MTS-III Motor Testing System

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Dynamometer (hysteresis, magnetic powder, eddy current, electric power)
KZQ-III Dynamometer Controller.
DPM3001 three-channel digital power meter/DPM1001 single-channel digital power meter
AC power supply
Temperature inspection instrument
Micro-resistance meter
Measurable parameters
Voltage, current, input power, torque, speed, output power, efficiency, power factor, frequency, motor winding resistance, ambient temperature, winding temperature, stator temperature, bearing temperature, etc.
The test parameters are automatically collected by the computer and the functions are modularized. After each function test is completed, the relevant curve is generated, and the test report can be printed out. After all the function tests are completed, the total test report is generated.
Test basis standard
GB1032-2012 "Three-phase asynchronous motor test method"
GB 9651 "Single-phase asynchronous motor test method"
Test accuracy
Accuracy: 0.2%
Main test items
Cold and hot DC resistance test
Temperature rise test: The temperature rise of the motor is calculated by the resistance temperature measurement method, and the temperature of the motor winding and the iron core temperature can also be monitored by the temperature inspection instrument during the test
No-load test: Measure the no-load characteristic curve, calculate the no-load current, no-load power, iron loss, and mechanical loss
Locked-rotor test: Measure the locked-rotor characteristic curve, calculate the locked-rotor torque and the locked-rotor current
Load test: Measure the modified load characteristic curve and calculate the modified motor parameters
T-N curve drawing: real-time drawing of the T-N curve of the asynchronous motor, and automatically find the maximum torque and minimum torque, and the speed of the centrifugal switch disconnection point of the single-phase asynchronous motor.
Single and three-phase asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, household appliances motors
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