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According to the tested motor type, parameters, and test function requirements, comprehensively consider the selection of a series of dynamometers (GZC series hysteresis dynamometer, GZF series magnetic particle dynamometer, GZW series eddy current dynamometer, GZDL series electric dynamometer machine).

Select a certain range dynamometer according to the parameters of the motor under test

1. The speed of the motor to be tested cannot be greater than the maximum speed of the dynamometer.

2. The rated torque of the motor under test should be within 10%-100% of the full scale.

3. If temperature rise test is required, the rated power of the motor under test cannot be greater than the continuous operating power of the dynamometer.

Choose a suitable test system according to the type of motor under test and test function requirements to form a complete dynamometer system.

If it is difficult to choose, you can provide us with the rated parameters and peak parameters of the motor (you can also send us samples directly), and we will provide a more reasonable solution.

Attachment: Calculation formula of torque, speed and output power:

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