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    Located in Taizhou, a coastal city in Middle Zhejiang, Taizhou Guangzhong Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of developing and producing dynamometers and the corresponding testing systems.


    The main products include GZC series hysteretic dynamometer, GZF series magnetic powder dynamometer, GZW series electric eddy current dynamometer, GZDL series electric dynamometer and the corresponding testing systems. The products can be used to test the input voltage, current, power and output torque, rotation speed, power, efficiency as well as characteristic curves of various motors.


    The products are widely used to test single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor, variable frequency motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, driving motor of new energy automobile, automobile motor, household appliance motor, DC brush motor, DC brushless motor, electric bicycle motor, electric motor cycle motor, starting motor, stepping motor, shade-pole motor, series motor, electric tool, reducer, etc.


    Ever since its foundation in 1989, Guangzhong is committed to developing and upgrading dynamometers by launching a series of new products, so as to adapt to the rapid development of motor industry with newer and better products. Up to now, we have provided various testing equipment to thousands of enterprises, testing organizations, universities and colleges. Through continuous technological innovation, Guangzhong’s products and service are widely praised. Looking forward to the future, Guangzhong will try harder to produce better products and serve the old and new customers better.


    Sticking to the enterprise idea of “Integrity, Passion, Dream and Action”, our company staff would like to make friends all over the world and create bright future together with sea-like mind.

    Company profile

    Quality is the heart to do every thing.

    The importance for strengthening equipment management Advanced production equipment and good management level is the essential element for the survival and long-term development of enterprise in the cut-throat market competition, which is also one of the important supporting conditions for the enterprise to provide high quality products on time.




    The company always carries out the policy of "abiding by laws and regulations, creating a green environment, advocating occupational health, co-founding safety and security, leading customers to deliver, forging first-class brand", adhering to the corporate spirit of "pragmatic cooperation, excellence", abiding by the purpose of "building a virtuous, dedicated and innovative development", and with the joint efforts of all the leaders and staff headed by the chairman of the board of directors, the company It has achieved rapid development and outstanding achievements.