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    Ever since its foundation in 1989, Guangzhong is committed to developing and upgrading dynamometers by launching a series of new products, so as to adapt to the rapid development of motor industry with newer and better products. 

    Testing system

    MTS-II Motor Testing System

    Voltage,current, input power, torque,speed,output power, efficiency;
    Single phase motors can also test power factor and frequency;
    Single一phase capacitor motor can also test power factor, frequency, primary winding current, secondary
    winding current, and capacitor voltage;
    Three phase motors can also test power factor, frequency, voltage and current of each phase.


    With modes of manual testing,automatic testing and fixed point testing,it can autoload the load according to the setting,scan the characteristic curve of the motor from no一load to rotor locked(or setting salve)

    Testing results: testing data of the motor can be displayed or printed in report forms of curve forms,be saved and viewed;when displaying curve,the coordinates parameter,X-axis and Y-axis of the curve can be amended;

    Curve comparison:testing curve of many motors can be compared in the came interface,coordinates value,X-axis and Y-axis of the curve can be amended,color of every motor testing curve can be changed,and the curve graphs after comparison can be printed;

    System can do load-carrying durability test for the motor,auto alarm and stop testing if the motor is abnormal,concrete parameter can be set at will.


    Dynamometers(hysteresis absorption dynamemeters,magnetic powder dynamemeters,eddy current dynamometers, Electric Dynamometers)KZQ-IIB Dynamometer Controller Electric Parameter Meter(single phase,three phases AC or DC)


    Note:DKZQ一II Dynamometer Dynamic Controller is needed for testing the non一stabilizing area of asynchronous motor.


    Nice software interface,easy operation,and good duplicating of all kinds of testing modes and testing data.

    Sing phase asynchronous motor, three-phase asynchronous motor,DC motors,series motors,power tools,rain wiper motor,front window lifter motor,blower motor.

    MTS-II Motor Testing System