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    Ever since its foundation in 1989, Guangzhong is committed to developing and upgrading dynamometers by launching a series of new products, so as to adapt to the rapid development of motor industry with newer and better products. 


    Testing system

    Testing system

    Testing system

    Test the input/output voltage and efficiency of various motors.

    Sing phase asynchronous motor, three-phase asynchronous motor,DC motors,series motors,power tools,rain wiper motor,front window lifter motor,blower motor.



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    MTS-II Motor Testing System

    MTS-III Motor Testing System

    It is applicable to all kinds of motors, especially asynchoronous motor scanning curve,starting motor testing to motorcar and motorcycle, and other large power motor testing.




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    Entire computer automatic acquisition of test parameters,function modularization.Relative curve is generated and testing report can be printed when finishing testing every function.A summarized report is generated after finishing testing all the functions.



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    MTS-IV Motor Testing System

    Dynamometer supporting instruments